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Chipotl-e.coli: new diet food trend

Huzzah! Even though February 8th is not a holiday, maybe it should be!  Chipotle maybe starting a new “day awareness” day.

Apparently, Since October 2015, over 50 people have gotten E.coli from eating those baby sized burritos at the local Chipotle.  As a result, the very quick to over-react chain is closing every shop for one day in order to hold a national all-employee meeting addressing the company’s plans to stop the E.coli outbreak from their stores. It seems those signs they have in the employee bathrooms just aren’t doing the trick.

[tie_slide] wash-hands sign

Nice use of “quotations”



When you get called out… Carl is just gross



So no washing requirements after a #1?
The “restaurant’s” troubles have continued since then as well. Chipotle stock dropped 42%, down from $750 to $428 a share (that’s almost 1/2! may be a good time to get in on some stock that will probably bounce back when they get this little bug worked out).

So 1 day without the risk of diarrhea or vomiting seems like a fair trade.  And if it means we can resume the binge/over-eating we are all used to… I guess we can all eat at Taco Bell for the day… long live the enchirito!