Carl’s Jr. vs. Hustler Magazine

Who did it better?

‘Merica’s slide into the porn culture is now almost complete.  Carl’s Jr. (no stranger to racy sex-driven ads) now has an ad that nearly mirrors the cover of a recent Hustler magazine…  Both in publication at/around the same time (May-June 2015).

Now, meet THE MOST AMERICAN THICKBURGER: It’s a thousand-calorie, hotdog-hamburger-hybrid: a hamburger that’s topped with a hot dog and Lay’s potato chips.  It also has American cheese, ketchup, mustard, lettuce, tomato, red onions, and pickles.  At 1,030 calories with 64 grams of fat, it truly is an American BURDEN, eh, uhhh burger.


[vision_one_third]The collage of bad adsMultiple Burger Ads

they just keep getting worse![/vision_one_third] [vision_one_third]Paris Hilton likes ’em BIG
Size Matters

When size DOES matter

[/vision_one_third] [vision_one_third]Not to be forgotten, the Burger King Super 7-incher!

…the only thing funnier: pulled pork.[/vision_one_third]