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Illegal Immigrants vs. U.S. Unemployed?

Why do I keep hearing people complaining about all these illegal immigrants living off my taxes etc, when I can walk down my local street (both current and previous address) and meet entire groups of ‘locals’ who don’t have jobs because they can’t be bothered, while some even find the time to buy and do drugs.

The United States of America is one of the few countries where an immigrant can become American. It’s a unique and exceptional characteristic of US culture that is worth preserving. “You know an immigrant is just someone,” says comedian Russell Brand, “who used to be somewhere else?”

Truth is, where I live, quite a few immigrants who seem to work very hard and rent property. The social housing is mostly white XXX, and its their kids that cause all the trouble in the area.  As it stands, I would rather not have them around and have more of the immigrants who seem to have a better work ethic and more respect for other people.

Trouble is this sort of view just gets dismissed as liberal BS by the right-wing media and those who chose to believe what rubbish it spouts. Its easier to blame immigrants as others will simply agree without actually looking at the issues.  If all the able-bodied lazy bodies who feed off the system got themselves jobs we would need 2 million less immigrants to fill the posts.  Don’t fall pray to media’s portrayal of immigrants as different or dangerous instead of what they are: people.

It’s not going to happen because its easier to claim benefits than get up in the morning and do an honest days work.  Most ancestors of today’s so called “Americans” were immigrants at one point in time.  But, to be a US citizen you must take a vow, which means your former country comes in second compared to the US.